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Major reform of German SHI contributions

Authors/Editors: Bäumler, M
Sundmacher, L.
Zander, B
Publication Date: 2010
Type of Publication: Articles in Non-Refereed Journals and Books
erschienen in: Health Policy Monitor
Weitere Quellenangabe: http://www.hpm.org/en/Surveys/TU_Berlin_-_D/16/Major_reform_of_German_SHI_contributions.html


The German coalition government has implemented major changes in the funding of the statutory health insurance. In 2011, the uniform contribution rate will be raised to 15.5% of the contributory income: 8.2% are paid by the insured and 7.3% by the employer. Future increases of contributions will be collected as income-independent surcharges paid by the insured; the employers? contributions will be capped at the current level. For low-income individuals, there will be subsidies financed by taxes.

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